You are here because you know you are ready to conceive.

Your child.
Your career path.
The life of your dreams.

You’ve heard the call to bring a unique gift of yours into life.
You might be ready to do that by growing your family, embracing conscious parenting, and nurturing your future children.
Or creating a career of service, shifting your career, getting clear what the life of dreams looks like.
I know you are a beautiful, unique creative vessel, bestowed with infinite potential.

PhD, Biochemist.
A whole fertile life catalyst

I'm here to guide you in your fertility journey and support your vision of motherhood, one that includes your whole life.

I believe a Whole Fertile Life is your birth right.
A life that is filled with joy, health, love, fulfillment and abundance.

So am I.

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where before were only walls.” Joseph Campbell

You are ready to grow your family and to embark on the adventure of motherhood.
You desire to embrace this journey with joy.

You cannot wait for all the fun to begin.

You might be here because you expected that after studying, going to grad school, landing your dream job, marrying your love, and getting the perfect home, pregnancy would be the next thing, and it’s not happening.

Somewhere along the way you got stuck.

You might feel frustrated with your fertility. Maybe doctors have diagnosed you with Unexplained Infertility, or are saying you’re getting “too old”. Maybe you and/or your partner have some imbalances that compromise fertility.  This situation is probably the last thing you expected.  

You might have tried things that didn’t work. You might not be finding the answers you seek. Maybe you aren’t hearing anything encouraging at all.

You might be starting to feel a little hopeless.

And you're looking for compassionate support and clarity around your fertility so you can also hold your bundle of joy soon.

Or perhaps, you are here because you desire to consciously approach conception and/or parenting, preparing your body to achieve optimal fertility, a healthy pregnancy, and your healthy baby. And you need compassionate support along the way.

You wish to surround yourself and your family with compassionate support during pregnancy and in the postpartum period to give yourself and your little one the best care in this precious time.

I'm here for you.

I've gone through that journey myself.

After overcoming my own fertility challenges and calling in my child I help smart professional women who struggle with fertility, motherhood and work/life balance, embrace a Whole Fertile Life preparing the garden soil for life to blossom. And thrive.

I believe fertility challenges are an imbalance and when we return back to health, we restore fertility.

And I believe this is possible for you too!

I also believe the Souls of our future children are asking that we step into a new level of consciousness by taking self responsibility and a conscious approach to conception and parenting.

Together we’ll get your body optimally prepared for fertility and pregnancy, your mind optimally prepared for motherhood, and your spirit to be optimally prepared to balance motherhood, family and work, so you can return to Wholeness and Joy.

Are you ready for that leap?

Here is where your Whole Fertile Life begins.

You have always wanted to make a difference.

And you’ve already come a long way. But there’s a place in you that still feels there has to be more. Deeply you know you are here to make a difference. You know that what you do can impact many lives, and you care. And you are committed to following your bliss.

Maybe you desire to birth a Soul project.
Or take a leap into your career.
Or maybe make a career change.
Or heal your relationships.

And in the way nurture the self at every level, so the life force energy within can be unleashed.

I'm here for you.

I’m Fernanda Lodeiro,

a Spiritual Midwife and Catalyst of Change.  

I believe that by tapping into our Feminine wisdom we can embody a Whole Fertile Life and walk the path of Feminine Leadership, becoming powerful creators and beacons of light. From there we can birth anything!
As a Feminine Leadership mentor I help you tap into your Soul purpose, own your uniquely-yours gifts and design a reality so you can shine them and serve the world, with joy, abundance and heartfelt fulfillment.

Here is where your spiritual adventure begins.