I’m a holistic health coach and I’m here to invoke the transformation that needs to happen for you to embody the nurturing and creative vessel you already are and to live joyfully, and with purpose, inviting life to thrive in your family.

I help you reclaim a whole fertile life and embody feminine leadership, connecting the creative energy that will bring your child home or manifest what your Soul needs to birth through you.

I bring a holistic approach to fertility and creativity. I help parents to prepare for conception taking care of themselves first. Together we love and care for you by nurturing every aspect of your life so creative energy can flow freely. Just like a garden, we nurture the soil first so life can sprout. And thrive.

You can call me a catalyst, an agent of change, a spiritual doula for the parents, before and after birth.

Who I really am is the child’s Soul midwife.

I believe a Whole Fertile Life is your birth right.
A life that is filled with joy, health, love, fulfillment and abundance.

I believe you can manifest your dreams.
I believe our challenges are opportunities for growth and evolution.     
I believe that knowledge is power and in the power of intention.
I believe Nature is wise.
I believe we have access to the Universe infinite potential.
I believe in the power of allowing and receiving.
I believe when we own our gifts and step into our power we can impact lives and influence the world.
I believe in miracles. I believe in adventures. I believe in magic. And I believe in synchronicities.

I work with the parents to be in preparation to receive that baby, to have a healthy pregnancy and thrive as a new family. I facilitate a safe space to grow and heal in preparation for conception, whether natural or using assisted reproductive techniques, so they can improve their chances for conception. I hold a sacred space for transformation as parents, becoming devotional to the children they are calling in. Because they deserve it too.

It is not about having, but becoming.

As a Feminine leadership mentor I empower women to reclaim their creative energy through Soul purpose exploration, creative expression and radical self care. Nourishing from the inside out, we access our infinite potential and create a ripple effect in the world.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”
~ Gandhi.

Let’s begin. Shall we?

Fernanda Lodeiro is a Whole Fertile Life coach and, as she likes to say, the Soul midwife for your future children. With a PhD in biochemistry and training as both a holistic health coach and life coach, Fernanda integrates a scientific based approach to nutrition, supplementation and exercise with coaching techniques and spiritual practices to improve mind-body-spirit wellbeing in preparation for “baby calling” and parenting. She also supports women ready to step into their creative power and own their gifts to bring their life to a new level by walking the path of Feminine Leadership.

Fernanda got her PhD from University of Buenos Aires and then moved to the U.S. where she did her postdoc in mitochondrial biology, studying the powerhouses of our cells, where energy is made. As a holistic health coach, Fernanda graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is accredited by the Association of Drugless Practitioners. Fernanda has deeply delved in women’s health by completing The Women's Functional & Integrative Medicine Professional Training Program with Dr. Aviva Romm, Fix your Period Apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim, and Optimal Fertility Training with Jessica Drummond.

She completed her Life coaching training with Jeannine Yoder at Mentor Masterclass. Fernanda is also a fitness instructor, yoga teacher, Reiki healer and writer. An avid gardener and herbalist, she’s a devoted student who embraces personal development to better serve her students and clients, and ultimately the children we are calling into the world.

For years Fernanda has been inspiring and mentoring students in a research lab setting, classrooms, fitness centers and studios, as well as private clients in her coaching practice. Fernanda loves to spread positive vibes through writing and her work has been featured in the Huffington Post.

After a long journey of reclaiming a Whole Fertile Life for herself and her family and learning how to bring healing and alignment into her mind-body-spirit along the way, Fernanda embodies what she teaches. She now lives with her family, her adorable and supportive husband, her sweet wild boys and a furry cat baby in Happy Valley, nested in beautiful Pennsylvania. She works from home connecting with people around the world spreading her message of self love and nurturance first. She can frequently be found in the garden, connecting to Mother Earth, or making magic potions and herbal popsicles, cooking on a mud kitchen or building homes out of sticks with her two rambunctious boys.

If you are committed to a transformation to become receptive of your future child I invite you to a free consultation to explore how Whole Fertile Life approach will support your journey to become a mindful mama you dream to be.