This might be your wake up call. Whether you’ve hit a wall (maybe too many times now) and know deeply something has to change or your are at a fork in your path and are not sure of what you should do I can help you to get clear.

Powerful work on a private setting so you can begin to shift into what is possible.
One 90 minute Breakthrough session to identify the main area of your life where we can begin to make powerful changes -- now! -- and (or to) awaken the shero within you.

"Working with Fernanda has been an amazing opportunity to explore what it means to learn and grow in partnership with another. Fernanda is deeply connected to her inner Wisdom, sees it in others and has a gift for helping others uncover and amplify it to enrich their lives and bless the World. Her generosity of spirit and the resources she can offer create an atmosphere for clarity, creativity and transformation to arise, and for the beauty of the Human Spirit to express itself feeling loved and supported.

My Namaste and God-speed to Fernanda and all who share the gift of embarking on Soul-Work together--now and in the future."
-Savitri Devi Dasi

Specific action assignments created just for YOU to help you see with clarity the path ahead.
Two follow-up 30 minute sessions to check-in on your progress and celebrate you!