A 6-week adventure to reconnect to your most hearted dreams, envision the path to manifest them and create tons of magic.
In this online program I help you reconnect to your dream life and deepest Soul desires
so you can tap in what your Soul is asking to birth through you.

"Fernanda’s program Dare to Dream came into my life at exactly the right time and I would do it again in a heartbeat because I love the inspiration and creativity that it inspired.  At the time, I was in major transition working on a plan to leave my corporate job to teach dance, lead workshops, and coach.  I was also weeks away from giving my first big public speech to young women in high school on empowerment and the arts.  Fernanda’s permission to explore my own dreaming further was what I needed to finish my speech and manifest leaving my job for my own dreams.  Months away, I can tell you that all of my dreams are coming true… I am leaving my job and embarking on a new adventure!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Fernanda <3"  - Ava Adinolfi

You’ll learn tools for envisioning and manifesting your dream.
You’ll create a roadmap with the key actions you need to take to manifest your dreams.

Audio + Worksheets to get your dreams aligned with action and magic.
Available anytime and delivered on your inbox for you to go at your own pace.
Access to a community of like minded.

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