Over four months, we tap into your unique goals and pain points -- what does your dream life look like? What’s blocking you from it? -- and we create tailored strategies to help you reconnect you to yourself, your body and your life, so you can unleash the shero within and go get that dream!  
·       1:1 hour long session, twice a month.
·       In between, I nurture your journey through tailored assignments.


"Fernanda has a talent for firmly and lovingly calling me out on my excuses and reclaiming my truth. She empowers me to reach my higher goals by helping me cut through confusion and take meaningful action. No matter the circumstances, her belief in me is unshakeable. Having her on my team is an incredible gift!" - Hanna Marie Bier


"When I first started working with Fernanda I had a bad case of self-sabotage. I was constantly getting in my own way and blocking myself from succeeding. Through her gentle guidance I was able to see my patterns and create new strategies that allowed me to flourish. I love how Fernanda really, truly listens. She listens with her heart as well as her ears and she really hears me. If a friend on mine was thinking about working with Fernanda, I would tell her that it would be the best gift she could give herself. Working with Fernanda has truly been a life changing experience."
- Mary A., Napa

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