Come my dear, take my hand. You don’t have to feel alone in this. Becoming a parent is such an intense and divine journey. So just as a garden we’ll prepare your whole life for the new life and creations that desire to grow.

This is a safe and sacred place for us to connect and allow. My deepest desire is that through our work together you feel grounded, clear, aligned, trusting, cared after, empowered and blessed.

I am a devotional spiritual midwife, for you and your future child.

Together we’ll clear and cleanse the old that is not serving you. We’ll design the best path, unique for you. We’ll nourish and nurture.
We’ll invite the magic and allow the miracle of life to find her way through.  

We’ll witness with joy and gratitude the unfolding of new creations and life.
And then... we can continue to work together to nurture the new life.
"Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen." - Von Goethe.

Let me help you.

Whole Fertile Life Private Coaching

This is an exquisite private program to support you through your journey to become a parent. Whether you are at the early stages of preparation, pregnant, or you are a new mom this work will help you to connect with your the Soul of your baby in a profound and deep way.
It all begins with you.This is a time for you of special sensitivity. I’ll support you in creating a healthy environment, from the inside out to prepare for baby calling. From eating habits to lifestyle changes supporting thriving life we’ll transform your life with love, patience, gentleness and tenderness. We’ll nurture the parents first so their whole family can thrive.
We are now living an incredible moment of collective transformation and awakening. Many of the children that are coming are highly evolved Souls that are guiding us into the transformation. If you’ve experienced any struggles in the area of fertility I believe it’s a gift and an opportunity for growth.

"I came to Fernanda feeling exhausted, discouraged and in pain -- both emotionally and physically. I was completely disconnected from my body, afraid to workout because of the pain I was in and feeling really low-energy and unmotivated. Through our work together, Fernanda helped me really get to know my body for the first time -- not only how it works, but how powerful and resourceful it really is. She helped me monitor and get to know what it was telling me when I wasn't feeling well, the foods I need to nourish myself, and how to make the pain go away naturally and with ease. Within weeks, my energy skyrocketed, I was working out regularly and I had a weekly self-care ritual that I looked forward to all week. It was amazing to see how feeling comfortable in my body fed into all the other areas of my life -- I was more productive at work, I deepened and felt really grateful for my most important relationships and I felt re-energized to dig into my life's purpose and begin to take some real action around it. With Fernanda's help this year, I married the love of my life feeling clear, confident and sexy and was finally confident and strong enough to launch my own business. Fernanda has the most beautiful combination of loving, nurturing mother and powerful ass kicker. She creates such a safe space to laugh and cry and explore -- and then she makes you do something about it. I can't say enough wonderful things about her and her work. If you're feeling stuck in any area of your life, Fernanda is your girl."
- Alex H., NYC

If you are open to this idea and committed to your personal growth, including self respect and care you are in the right place. I’d be honored to invite you to an exploratory session to hear about your journey and how I could support you.

Whole Fertile Life Sistermind

A 6-month group program in preparation to invite new life.
We are coming together. The sisters are gathering. Sign up below to be the first to know when we begin.